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Jasper 'NCIS:' The Tragic Reason Cote de Pablo May Return as Ziva
  • Mitchel While her performance in The Dovekeepers was not critically panned, it was not celebrated either. However, graced small screens everywhere and — by confusing American idioms and catalyzing a slow-boiling romance with DiNozzo — she immediately found her way into our hearts.
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  • Jimmy Also in 2008 and 2009, she was nominated for an for Outstanding Actress in a Drama Television Series.
Lamont Hottest Photos of Cote de Pablo, Bikini Pictures Hot Cleavage Pics
  • Joseph However, based on what Cote de Pablo stated in the past, it goes without saying that convincing the actress should prove difficult. While a Ziva David re-entrance felt like a pipedream for many seasons following her exit, the writers have begun leading viewers in that direction, and the anticipation keeps building in tandem.
  • Kieth Cote de Pablo is still widely recognized as Ziva David, and she has failed to break the mold she likely intended to destroy upon her departure.
Amanda 'NCIS:' Why Cote de Pablo's Return Will Benefit Emily Wickersham (Eleanor Bishop)
  • Sammie Citing personal reasons for her exit, before explaining that her character was , many fans assumed that the actress would never reprise her role. While Cote de Pablo has been gone for six years, fans continue hoping for a grand return.
  • Milford She graduated in 2000 with a in Musical Theater.
Reed Why Did Ziva Leave NCIS?
  • Alphonso Afterward, producer met with her as she was waiting for a cab to take her back to the airport, telling her she had landed the part. In 2005, De Pablo was about to make her Broadway debut in as Dolores Fuentes, but the show closed after a short trial run in San Francisco.
  • Dee Born in , Chile, at the age of ten she moved to the United States, where she studied acting.
Cornelius Cote de Pablo
  • Art So, in terms of making a big splash following her run as Ziva, Cote de Pablo missed the mark.
Marlin Why Did Ziva Leave NCIS?
  • Norberto De Pablo co-hosted episodes of the Latin-American talk show Control with former host, , at the age of 15 before attending to study music and theatre.
  • Orval They were going to send her back to Israel and make her an unfortunate, miserable woman. However, in the season 13 finale of the series, it was stated that her character had apparently died in an explosion in Israel.
Kurtis 'NCIS:' Why Cote de Pablo's Return Will Benefit Emily Wickersham (Eleanor Bishop)
  • Stephan Wickersham has been up against an insurmountable wall.
Marcelo NCIS
  • Virgil Hopefully, now that Pablo is back, the writers will focus on providing Eleanor Bishop with a fascinating backstory, as well as future complexities, that are both in line with her character and vital to the narrative progression. She had submitted a videotape audition while waiting for The Mambo Kings to move forward and was asked to fly to Los Angeles for a screen test two days after it was canceled.
Efrain Cote de Pablo
  • Lucas Producers confirmed that de Pablo would appear in the first two episodes of the show's 17th season as part of her storyline.