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  • Walker Two contestants being hosed with water in a wet T-shirt contest at the pageant In the United States, skiing filmmaker claims in his memoir Breaking Even to have held the first wet T-shirt contest at 's Boiler Room Bar in January 1971, as part of a promotion for skis.
  • JudsonSome participants said they felt humiliated but did not protest because they were candidates for jobs with the firm. She is known for her luscious looks and killer figure.
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  • Diego Despite a lack of clarity as to their legal status, contests began to take place elsewhere in the United States. The pair were married for five years before their separation was revealed.
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  • Lucas An investigation followed, as pilots supposedly judged the contest on the flight deck, disregarding rules that passengers are not allowed in the cockpit.
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  • Mariano A contest in a Milwaukee tavern in 1976 was subject to a police raid, despite contestants wearing under their T-shirts as required by the police. She touched down in Sydney last weekend and began working on Tuesday, with the beauty spotted strolling around the city after a shoot in the harbour.
  • Dominic In 2002, the parents of teenager Monica Pippin brought a federal lawsuit against , , Deslin Hotels, , and other companies relating to her appearance the previous year in a Daytona Beach wet T-shirt contest, at which time she had been a 16-year-old high school student. The 2003 American included a wet T-shirt contest.
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  • Tyree The fact that a wet T-shirt contest was proposed led to the case being used to demonstrate institutional sexism in law firms.
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  • Chuck Depending on local laws, participants may be allowed to remove their T-shirts or strip completely naked during their performance.
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  • Kenny The Peak: Simon Fraser University's Independent Student Newspaper.
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  • Angel Wet T-shirt contestants generally wear white or light-colored T-shirts without bras, bikini tops, or other garments beneath. A wet T-shirt event in Poland, 2009 A wet T-shirt contest is a involving , typically featuring young women contestants at a nightclub, bar, or resort.
  • Andrea Close: While standing in the water he wrapped his arm tightly around Lara while giving her a kiss on the forehead During the shoot he wrapped his arm tightly around Lara as he brought her in to his bare chest. The contest subsequently became established at events in , with some bar owners being fined under laws for holding one.
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  • Anderson Their divorce was finalised in September.
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  • Jerry After the shoot the pair celebrated with a high five Lara has not been linked to anyone romantically since splitting from her husband in March last year.
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  • Leland After footage of her performance began to appear in videos and on cable television, a neighbor alerted Pippin's parents, who retained a lawyer. The comparatively rarer male equivalent is the wet boxer contest, sometimes held at.
  • Andres However, the first contestant to appear was a professional stripper who danced topless and the amateur contestants responded by drenching their T-shirts before competing. Romantic shoot: They were later pictured walking hand-in-hand out of the water back towards the beach The Peruvian photographer has worked with Lara in the past, producing her cover for British Vogue last year.
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  • Kenny The first known mention of the term Wet T-shirt contest in the press occurred in 1975 in , describing the contest's appearance at New Orleans discotheques. While standing knee-deep in the waters of Bondi Beach, Australia, the 32-year-old showed off her ample cleavage and toned figure as she posed in a soaking wet white T-shirt.
  • Bert The unknown model displayed his sun-kissed skin and multiple tattoos in nothing but a pair of white trunks.