Upgrading My EliteBook 8760w

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A little while ago I bought myself an HP EliteBook 8760w, i7 4 core, 8 GB ram and a 256 GB SSD. I love the machine its big, solid and fast! I realised a couple of weeks ago that my EliteBook had a quick release catch on the bottom that allowed me to take off a panel presenting me with empty slots for a secondary hard drive and another strip of RAM.

I must qualify this by saying that I really didn’t need to upgrade my computer, but seeing these open slots was irresistible! So I splashed out and bought another 8GB of RAM and an awesome 512GB SSD (both from crucial).

I got these through mid-way through last week and proceeded to upgrade my machine. The RAM was no trouble at all – just clipped it into the slot and away I went – brilliant!

My problems started when I tried to fit my SSD! First of all it was hard to source the right bracket to fit the SSD into the slot. HP didn’t sell one and neither did crucial – after emailing crucial they informed me of the part I needed (642774-001) which I managed to source from Lambda-Tek (http://www.lambda-tek.com/642774-001-HP-SPS-HDD-HARDWARE-KIT~cs/B721536)…all was good!

I went ahead trying to install my ssd but found it wouldn’t slide into the SATA slot – on closer inspection I could see that HP (in their infinite wisdom), put a small bar of plastic just underneath the SATA slot, blocking the drive from slotting in.

After a lot of googling (and I mean a lot) I found that others had suffered this same issue, and the general consensus was that I was going to have to calmly and carefully cut a piece out of the plastic bar to get my SSD to fit. All in all I spent about an hour and a half with a stanley knife and a pair of small pliers, carefully cutting this piece of plastic out.

The results – I know have 768 GB of SSD in my laptop! I’ve included a couple of pictures below:

This one shows the sata connector after the plastic was removed

2013-01-26 16.37.40  

The back of the laptop with the SSD secured!

2013-01-26 16.38.56

It was by no means a polished job, but its all in and working!


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