Teresa lisbon schauspielerin. The Desert Rose (TV Episode 2013)

Donnie About: Robin Tunney
  • Mickey She is nice, while having her flaws. A Timeless and the Mentalist crossover.
Trinidad Jisbon
  • Burton Simon Baker does a great job of acting as a Mentalist, from whom is he drawing his inspiration from? Elle est surtout connue pour son rôle de Sarah dans Dangereuse Alliance, celui de Veronica Donovan dans la série télévisée américaine Prison Break et celui de Teresa Lisbon dans Mentalist. Essentially, Sam Bosco reflecting on his observations of Lisbon and Jane's relationship.
  • Jonathan Most of these stories I never planned to finish, so I figured I would post them here instead, in a collection. There forensic expert Brett Partridge, like Bertram on the Red John suspects shortlist, identifies the accidentally dug-up, two year old, yet posthumously moved corpse of businessman Yardley, reported missing by his openly relieved wife Madison, whom he was divorcing, as she can now evict stepson Gavin, who has a terrible record.
Kimberly Patrick Jane/Teresa Lisbon
  • Randell Patrick Jane gets more than he bargained for when he enlists the help of a snarky blind lawyer who reminds him just a little too much of himself.
  • Herman Many people say this show is getting boring and I don't disagree, but the story is also getting interesting and taking Red John battle to a new level.
Mario About: Robin Tunney
  • Tyler She has been shown to be driven, highlighted by her pursuit of Tommy Volker.
  • Will They must have a consultant helping the show. Her name was taken from the character of Therese Lisbon in.
Hans The Desert Rose (TV Episode 2013)
  • Santos Something juicy happens, you are supposed to call me, Kay. I am very interested in the sort of mental tricks that are shown on this show.
  • Otis The sibling relationship seems loving but strained, with Lisbon acting as almost a surrogate mother figure.
Forest Jisbon
  • Rodolfo Jane naturally obliges, because there is one large secret he is keeping from everyone in his life: he is in love with Lisbon. Ela é conhecida por seu papel como Teresa Lisbon na série de televisão O Mentalista 2008-2015 , bem como em papéis anteriores em filmes como: Encino Man 1992 , Empire Records 1995 , The Craft 1996 , End of Days 1999 , Supernova filme e Limite Vertical 2000 , e na série Prison Break 2005-2006.
  • Chuck Not that I want to be the guy, I'm more interested in why the human brain works the way it does, and so far the tricks he uses are well based in reality.
Tad The Mentalist 4x14
  • Ken Robin Tunney born June 19, 1972 is an American actress. She finds herself bending rules, often for the sake of Jane, and, although their relationship is mostly professional, Jane and Lisbon connect in a strange way.
Yong Jane said to Lisbon in Miss Red: “You’d look good with short hair. Choppy, all kind of Peter Pan. Good for the eyes.” It'…
  • Clarence She is known for her role as Teresa Lisbon in the television series The Mentalist 2008—2015 , as well as previous roles in the films Encino Man 1992 , Empire Records 1995 , The Craft 1996 , End of Days 1999 , Supernova and Vertical Limit 2000 , and the television series Prison Break 2005—2006. In the season 7 premiere, , Jane starts a romantic relationship with Lisbon.
  • Trent Pochodzi z dużej, irlandzkiej, katolickiej rodziny.
Jerome The Mentalist (TV Series 2008
  • Jessica The two get married on the property Jane bought to build their home in front of their family and co-workers. I wish they could have exposed the psychology to viewers in a different format, but on the flip side, I can't suggest a better alternative either for the moment.
Willie About: Robin Tunney
  • Gus Ihr Durchbruch in erfolgte 1996 mit dem Film , in dem sie an der Seite von , und spielte. If you squint you can see some Jisbon at the end.
  • Ronny The two often engage in light flirting and teasing of one another, with Lisbon sometimes being visibly affected by Jane's charm.