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Clark Tammy Lynn Jones Mugshot and Arrest Record ID: 47061763 (Logan, Ohio)
  • Jennifer Consequently, we hold that the evidence is sufficient to support the jury s verdict finding Tammy guilty of reckless manslaughter.
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  • Trinidad All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty.
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  • Amy The evidence further shows that, even after leaving their house where they argued, Tammy later pursued Roy by finding him at a neighbor s house, which precipitated even further argument. She is 46 years old, 5 03 tall, with brown hair, hazel eyes and weighs 200 pounds.
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  • Chadwick Rules 803 4 and 803 8 of the Texas Rules of Evidence, which are, respectively, hearsay exceptions for statements made for the purposes of a medical diagnosis and for public records and reports; or 3.
  • Michael Tammy explained that, after Roy left the house that day, she got a pistol from the house because she felt she needed protection.
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  • Freeman In spite of it all, however, she managed to keep her recording career intact and her live show on the road.
  • Donna Because she did not know how the pistol worked, she fired it twice, trying to learn how it worked. Based on the evidence admitted at trial, we conclude the jury could rationally reject Tammy s claim that she acted in selfdefense; therefore, we affirm the trial court s judgment.
Norberto Tammy Lynn Jones v. The State of Texas :: 2012 :: Texas Court of Appeals, Ninth District Decisions :: Texas Case Law :: Texas Law :: US Law :: Justia
  • Orlando The jury failed to find that Tammy murdered Roy, but found her guilty of manslaughter.
  • Aubrey In Tammy s first issue, she argues 1 the trial court erred by failing to admit a toxicology report that she offered while examining the State s expert pathologist, Dr. This statement is the only point during her conversation with the police that Tammy directly suggested that she believed she was in danger of being seriously injured or that she feared for her life.
Garry Tammy Lynn Jones Mugshot and Arrest Record ID: 47061763 (Logan, Ohio)
  • Stephen Because Tammy did not present the arguments she made at trial regarding the admissibility of the toxicology report for our review, and because the arguments she has 9 made regarding issue one were not first presented in the trial court, we overrule her first issue.
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  • Glen Brown, Tammy s attorney argued that the report was admissible.
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  • Christian Tammy contends that under these circumstances, no rational jury could have found she did not act in self-defense. She was a frequent guest on major network television shows and feature stories appeared in slick publications including such publishing icons as Cosmopolitan and Penthouse.
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  • Ashley After the breakup of her marriage, she settled with her daughters in Birmingham, often working two jobs to keep her young family afloat.
  • Tyrone When Tammy told Roy that the drug store had not filled his prescription, he was angry, accusing her of lying to him about getting the pharmacy to fill the prescription. The two married in 1969 and the following year their daughter, Tamela Georgette, was born.
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  • Vincent We further conclude that the circumstantial evidence allowed the jury to conclude, beyond reasonable doubt, that Tammy did not believe her conduct was immediately necessary to protect herself from Roy. But, once the defense is raised, the State bears the burden of persuasion to disprove the defense.