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Feed Reader Frustrations!!

I was really disappointed earlier this year when google reader was shut down earlier this year. I used google reader to centralise and manage all my blog feeds – it had become a part of my working and productivity routine and it was going to be sorely missed. On the other hand it forced me […]

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My 5 Golden Rules

Recently I’ve decided to take the jump from permanent employment to running my own company doing contracting, freelance work and product development. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for some time now, and it feels great to have finally made the decision. Running your own business is something that a lot of people aspire to […]

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How to Create Visual Studio Snippets

One thing I really like in Visual Studio is code snippets – I use them quite a lot and find they can really help my productivity when I’m in hardcore coding mode. The other thing I like is how easy they are to create – you just create your .snippet file, drop it in relevant […]

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