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MS CRM 4.0 Plug-in Assembly Extractor (Plugin)

Today I published my first codeplex project – the plugin assembly extractor dor dynamics crm:http://mscrmpluginextractor.codeplex.com/ Its really a very simple project, but given a large and highly customised crm implementation could come in quite useful. It basically solves the problem of: “What if I have a plugin loaded into the crm database, and need to […]

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Unit Testing ADXStudio CrmMetal Data Context

One thing I’ve been doing a lot of work with recently is ADX Studio CRM Metal for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. If you don’t know already, CRM Metal builds a linq-to-crm type data context model for you, using the Dynamics CRM web services. It’s a really great piece of work, and I can’t imagine extending CRM […]

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