Review of the FitBit One, Aria Scales and FitBit Website

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Its been a while since I blogged about anything and to get back into the swing of things I thought I’d put quick review of my experiences with the FitBit One and Website. I bought my fitbit one in mid november and my aria scales about 1 week later – since then I’ve been using both almost every day.

The FitBit One

The fitbit one is a self-tracking device to monitor footsteps (pedometer), sleeping patterns and general activity (e.g. stairs climbed).

The form factor of the fitbit is quite impressive – its packs in some really useful features for a device of its size and has a solid build quality. The pedometer feature seems to work really well, and syncing via my computer has been really straight forward with zero errors. I was also pleasantly surprised at how well the sleep tracking works – its not perfect, but the data it provides around how well you slept and how long it took you to get to sleep is fantastic.

On the down side I have an Android phone, which basically means I can only sync via my pc (as opposed to continuously throughout the day )…this is annoying. Everything that requires me to do something like this means I have to adjust my routine and hopefully not forget – it just causes friction. I also did have an incident whereby I lost my tracker a week after I bought it as a result of the fairly poor belt clip – this was partly my fault as I should have realised that it wasn’t the best clip in the world – but it was still frustrating. However – the fitbit customer services were EXCELLENT – I emailed them asking if they could help and got a response back very quickly. They then proceeded to send me a replacement tracker which arrived within a couple of days – I cant say enough good things about the fitbit customer services.

In the end the tracker is very good – I wish the syncing were more convenient, but it isn’t too bad.

Aria Scales

The aria scales are essentially a set of bathroom scales that provide weight and body fat percentage measurements. The real beauty of the device is the syncing of that data to the fitbit website.

In short – I love these scales!! I’ve had scales that do body fat and weight before but have always found the measurements to be somewhat inconsistent – the aria scales just work really well. I also love the syncing of data online – again it works flawlessly. There’s not a lot more I can say about the scales…they just work really well! Perhaps they could provide other feedback regarding posture or body water percentage, but I’m not really sure these things are all that relevant anyway!

FitBit Website (and Android App)

The fitbit website is the hub of the fitbit data (collected from the fitbit one and aria scales). It also allows you to manually track various other aspects such as food consumption and activity. It does have some occasional strange behaviours when typing a value the auto-complete can be a little tricky and sometimes clears the text field. The Android app is much the same – it doesn’t have every feature on it, but what it does have works very well.

I have to say the user experience on the website is pretty solid – the design looks nice, is well set out and performance pretty well. Logging food is pretty simple although I do find that most of the foods I eat I have to manually add to the database. I also find that some of the items in the database are just plain wrong – this is a little frustrating – it would be nice to have a much more solid database of foods backing the fitbit website. It may be that the database is better for users in the US, but in the UK it isn’t great Logging activities is a pretty similar experience – the database is perhaps a little better, but could still do some work.

Its ok – logging food is a pain and will always be a pain but it does a reasonably good job of addressing the issue. It’d be nice to have a more complete data source, and also some information regarding where the data is coming from in order to give it credibility.

Generally Happy

All in all its I’m very happy with the fitbit products and will continue to use them – it does feel a little like a new product will be out in a week or 2 that blows them out of the water, but for now I’m happy….and I have to say it again, the customer service from fitbit has been outstanding.

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