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Sharon Pitch Perfect
  • Millard Best Results: Use it when making small talk with someone.
Grover 33 Amazing ‘Pitch Perfect’ Quotes That Will Make Your Day Instantly Better
  • Amos This ginger needs her jiggle juice.
  • Vicente I use a lot of leather, mesh jersey, and a lot of wiring for rings.
Jerald Breakout Utkarsh Ambudkar Takes On Mindy
  • Josh Find images and videos about indian and pitch perfect on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love. Beca and Fat Amy accidentally smash a window with the Treblemakers' trophy, which alerts a police officer who then arrests Beca.
  • Sherman Why It's Universal: Let's be real. Here are nine interesting facts we gleaned that may surprise you: 1.
Bert 9 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Pitch Perfect 2's Hana Mae Lee
  • Cornelius Actual Context: When the Barden Bellas sit down and attempt to get to know each other, Fat Amy says this to prompt Cynthia-Rose into coming out to the group. Am I the only one who thought he was attractive? Why It's Universal: This is more than just another fat joke from or about Fat Amy.
  • Chang With Bumper gone, Jesse persuades the Trebles to let Benji join the group in Bumper's place, a position Benji failed to earn during earlier auditions. However, even if you're sober, the world might become blurry for a lot of reasons, so it works on every level.
Cliff Breakout Utkarsh Ambudkar Takes On Mindy
  • Chase Why It's Universal: No matter how many drinks you've had, you are always going to be that person who underestimates how drunk they are.
Stephanie Donald
  • Elizabeth Best Results: Use it when you and your friends are having one of those friendship bonding moments — and you want to break it up before someone cries.
Alton Donald
  • Buford The opening weekend also attracted a younger audience with 55% of the opening weekend audience being under the age of 25. I also loved him on the Mindy Project! Near the end of the movie, Donald is seen in the hot tub with almost all of the other Trebles.
Greg 33 Amazing ‘Pitch Perfect’ Quotes That Will Make Your Day Instantly Better
  • Danny Actual Context: After Fat Amy is attacked at the gas station by flying Mexican food, she growls this line while the other Bellas help her up. When Aubrey fought and kicked out after the semi-finals, Lilly was one of the Bellas who got severely affected with Aubrey's extra uptightness.
  • Rudy Beca tries to persuade the Bellas to be more daring, but Aubrey insists that they will win with their traditional repertoire. You usually start on the ground.
Abe Donald/Lilly (Pitch Perfect)
  • Curtis She participates in the which ends as a disaster.
  • Arthur She is present when the Bellas go to a retreat led by former Bella leader. As far as quotable films go, Pitch Perfect is right up there with Mean Girls for me.
Aron Donald
  • Doug Why It's Universal: Adding aca- to the front of any pick up line makes it automatically hilarious. Chloe Beale might happen to be the first exception to that rule.