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  • Jamel The saddle vulcanite stem was oxidized and had light tooth marks and chatter on both sides near the button. Eskisehir has the purest and whitest ,most easy to engrave Meerschaum in the world.
  • Terry I quote a portion of the article to give a sense of the history of the brand.
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  • Hans Using a large eyedropper, the chamber is then filled with isopropyl 95% until surfacing over the salt. This makes cleaning a bit slower.
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  • Stan I polished the rim top with 1500-12000 grit micromesh sanding pads.
  • Toby All information from your collections greatly welcome along with photos and coments. It is a coarse red pasted that serves to help remove oxidation.
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  • Jerry Barling had stopped importing stummels from France in 1906 after the carvers strike in St Claude, and started making all of their own pipes.
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  • Brett For more information on trading in your own estate pipes, check out our. Then, to condition the vulcanite stem, paraffin oil, a mineral oil, is applied to the stem and set aside to absorb.
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  • Dwayne Paresh: Concrete summary requested please, before I hit the Bar! The cake on the sides of the bowl was not thick but it was hard and uneven.
  • Dee Perhaps someone reading this will make the link for us and let us all know. The selection below is at a more affordable rate than others from the Falcon rage but this doesn't retract from the quality standard this superb manufacturer has set for itself.
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  • Joel After our tea and coffee, we were ready to go and decided to start on the cleaning phase to get a jump on things.
  • Gordon I took some photos of the bowl at this point to mark the progress in the restoration. Victor: This pipe looks to me like Pamela Anderson ….
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  • Silas. Origin and history of Adolph Frankau and Co.
  • Everette Viking briar pipes were originally founded and distributed by Bjarne Nielsen until he sadly died of a severe heart attack at the age of 66 in 2008. Plumb, Orlik and many more are available for your interest below.
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  • Craig While the other three pipes are probably fine in terms of additions to the pipes for sale this one was the one I wanted for my collection.
  • Tyson With a seemingly unlimited potential for what can be grafted onto the mineral, what you'll find below is just a sample of the elegance and brilliance to be found on Meerschaum Pipes worldwide.
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  • Chance You will note that I grossly over filled the hole with the superglue.
  • Cynthia In the morning I took a look at the stem and saw that it was pretty hard.