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  • Louis How many electrons, protons and neutrons are there in 16g of 8O 16? Principle of potentiometer states that potential difference between two points in a conductor is directly proportional to the distance between that two points in the conductor, ie.
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  • Carter Derive an expression for the height of water in the tube in terms of the radius of the tube and surface tension of the liquid.
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  • Leonel Mention any two sources of systematic error. We hope the Plus One Physics Previous Year Question Papers and Answers 2018 help you.
  • Guillermo Answer any four questions from question numbers 1 to 5.
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  • Russel The magnitude of is, by definition, given by The triangle formed by the position vectors is similary to the triangle formed by the velocity vectors. Answer: When thermal expansion is not allowed in a solid, the corresponding stress developed in it is known as thermal stress.
  • Harry For any query, you can contact us via the comment box. A boy throws a ball of mass 200 g with a velocity 20 ms -1 at an angle of 40° with the horizontal.
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  • Dane We have provided the links of interest below. We will add more questions soon.
  • Parker The exam is scheduled to be conducted in both an objective and subjective manner. In the first section authors will tell you from where you need to read the basic concepts with some solved examples to build your concepts.
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  • Carlton This frequency is called the cyclotron frequency for obvious reasons and is denoted by u c. In the third section there are exercises selected by the authors to check that you have finally generated the skill required to solve unknown problems The Book contains 372 solved problems, 106 extra examples, 151 exercises.
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  • Luis There were out of syllabus questions.
  • Heather The given block diagram shows general from of a Communication system.
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  • Dario You can download it from the links given below. What is the retardation of the car and how long does it take to come to rest? Furthermore, these question papers help students to analyze their strengths and weaknesses.
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  • Jose You can match your answer by the image given below. The area under the velocity-time graph gives the displacement of the body.
  • Hank If the linear density of the wire is 4.
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  • Dick Ferromagnetic substances are those which gets strongly magnetized when placed in an external field. Each question carries 2 Scores.
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  • Julio A has more stopping potential since f o decreases, then V o increases for same incident frequency. A typical stress-strain graph of a metallic wire is shown below.
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  • Andre A high frequency alternating voltage is applied to the dees.
  • Thad We are going to gather them all on this page. State the theorem of parallel axes on a moment of inertia.