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  • Jamar Nobody was shocked, then, when in 2003, Paris turned the cameras on herself and her celebutante boyfriend Rick Salomon.
Hubert Paris Hilton Sex Tape: Celebrity Porn Tube
  • Felix Instead of fake orgasms and bad acting we get to see two people having fun with each other in a very natural way.
  • Truman To compare it to scripted movies is not the thing one should do. She can barely speak coherent sentences.
Avery 1 Night in Paris (Video 2004)
  • Robbie Her award-winning blow job she enthusiastically gives to Salomon, is just as fantastic as in her tape scandal.
Trenton Paris Hilton Sex Tape: Celebrity Porn Tube
  • Tim Hilton has been one of the most successful businesswomen and is busy promoting her brand all over the world. The footage involves Hilton and then boyfriend Rick Salomon having an intimate physical good time while on vacation.
Lenard 1 Night in Paris (Video 2004)
  • Jeffrey Paris Whitney Hilton was born in the year 1981 somewhere in the luxurious areas of New York City. Well, that precious piece of footage was so damn hot, it could have melted the internet.
  • Lon You just want to pick up that skinny body and insert it right on your boner and make it spin. The uncut version has been released and all her admirers want to see what dirty footage could have been left out.
Alfredo UNCUT! Paris Hilton Sex Tape Full Version [VIDEO]
  • Spencer That one of the two is the world famous barely legal and wealthy Paris Hilton is what makes this tape special and different from the average home video tape shot by a couple.
  • Salvador Why is it that we are such a celebrity-obsessed culture, and why do we love seeing our precious celebrities in the raunchiest, most compromising of acts? If you don't know much about this kinky socialite, allow me to inform you. It does help that on the tape she looks more attractive than in her outings in other media, I guess that's mainly because here's she's really herself instead of someone knowing that an audience is watching.
Jarrett Paris Hilton Pics
  • Esteban Maybe shot her up with some good dope and got the party started off right. Recently Paris put out a boring documentary about her daily life.
Barney Paris Hilton Sex Tape: Celebrity Porn Tube
  • Ray What is she actually famous for? Paris got rich by being the daughter of a guy who owns like a billion hotels.
Russel UNCUT! Paris Hilton Sex Tape Full Version [VIDEO]
  • Zachery. Paris giving a fantastic blowjob in the tape! He should've tied her up; blindfolded her; and brought in about ten homeless black guys off the street to just abuse her every hole until she looked like a glazed doughnut.
Blair Paris Hilton Sex Tape: Celebrity Porn Tube
  • Sam The tape was never meant to be released to the public, sources claim. The girl has got talent, maybe she should consider making these movies as a profession.
  • Harris Every horny wanker should spend at least one night in Paris. This video offcourse is a curiosity item offcourse.
Marty Paris Hilton Pics
  • Justin Maybe blondes do know how to have more fun… Suck the cum right out of that cock Paris! The Paris Hilton sex tape has been making headlines again! Well, we get to see Paris from all angles, and she sure knows how to give a guy oral pleasure. That is probably because he did not degrade and humiliate her for the tramp that she is.