Office365: Resetting your admin users primary email address

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I’ve just been migrating the itsmonkie domain to my Office365 for emails only. It was a fairly straight forward affair really, with pretty clear instructions given on the Office365 site.

I did however, find one little annoyance – as I’m currently the only user of our office 365 account, and therefore am the only global admin user I had a bit of trouble sorting out my primary email address. To cut a long story short, I had already got¬†registered as my primary email address. It was not problem adding my actual itsmonkie address (, but as it wasn’t my default address, emails were sent from the ‘’ address instead. The problem hits when you attempt to change your own primary email address – in as much as you can’t log on and change your own primary email address!

A lot of the advice out there is to create a second admin account, and change it from there (its obviously a good idea to have a backup admin account). But as a small business, I cant be paying for a second account each month for no good reason. I also didnt like the idea of deleting the account that I created everything with Рyou know that is going to cause problems somewhere down the line!

The Solution

So I found the solution to my problem on Mark Wilson’s blog:

The post basically outlines exactly how to use PowerShell to get the job done – its written really well, and for me at least – solved the problem perfectly. The post details how to establish a session, get the mailbox, enumerate your email addresses and ultimately set your primary address. Really great post – thanks Mark!!!



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