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Ulysses Soap Star Babies! 10 TV actors who have children together in real life
  • Mike Billy is the youngest member of the Kennedy family and once he gets a little more mature he develops a relationship with Melissa Drenth but she breaks up with him after he is unfaithful.
  • Jeremiah Liam Hemsworth — Now Like many of the other actors on this list, Liam Hemsworth left Ramsay Street behind him and headed for Hollywood Boulevard. Crowe has two children with his estranged wife, Australian actress Daniele Spencer.
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  • Wilford Chris became the first prominent, regular male homosexual character in the show's twenty-five-year history. The pair got together in 2003 and their daughter, Scarlett Jacqueline Thomas, was born in 2008.
  • Gregory Who is Kyle Hazebroek married to? Although she died on the show, she did return for the 30th anniversary special in 2015.
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  • Lane Who is Ariel Kaplan's Boyfriend? In the film, Leo DiCaprio plays Rick Dalton, a fading Western star who lives next door to actress-on-the-rise and her famous director husband, Roman Polanski.
  • Jeffery The family currently lives in West Yorkshire. Who is Jordan Patrick Smith married to? Who is Jordan Patrick Smith Dating? Keene was cast as Des Clarke, but soon found the pressures of fame and fortune too much.
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  • Ryan Mason was pleased that the audience was discussing the storyline and he admitted to appreciating both sides of the conversation.
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  • Ferdinand Not that we actually see any sex or swinging, but apparently, safety first.
  • Tanner In October 2010, Mason stated that a romantic interest for Chris could be introduced in the future. In his free time, Paris loved to surf and take part in triathlons.
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  • Hans Chris breaks up with Hudson when he learns that he is taking performance-enhancing drugs.
  • Armando He gets a job at Fitzgerald Motors, upsetting his father, George, who wants him to go to university. Alan Dale — Now After an epic career on the Australian soap opera, Alan Dale decided to leave the show once and for all in 1993.
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  • Salvador Who is Olympia Valance married to? Chris tells his boss, Lucas Fitzgerald, about Warren, but he is disappointed when Lucas does not do anything about it.
  • Shane He apologises to Will for cancelling on him and then tells him about Hudson. Many shows tend to make gay teens near saints.
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  • Aurelio Hemsworth most recent movie role was a Captain Mitch Nelson in the war film 12 Strong. The couple play on-screen husband and wife Cleo McQueen and Joel Dextor, and live together in Cheshire.
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  • Marion Maybe they are easier to get off once everyone retreats to the bedrooms? Jackie Woodburne — Now Just like Stefan Dennis, Jackie Woodburne still calls Ramsay Street her home and has managed to overcome all of her health issues to maintain a steady role in Neighbours.
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  • Victor Although the storylines aimed to bring to light realistic stories and problems everyday people face in the world, the show was incredibly underwhelming and struggled to reach its targets.
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  • Rosendo Prior to her role as Daphne she had a small role on the soap opera Sons and Daughters in 1984.