Money pit oak island news. SILVER FOUND In Earth Shattering

Sherman Oak Island Money Pit: Unsolved Mystery
  • Daren According to an undocumented story, Marie Antoinette instructed her maid or a lady-in-waiting to flee with her jewels.
  • Frankie Who is paying for the Oak Island treasure hunt? The amazing history of the island is enough to keep your mind busy for days, if not years speculating about this vastly explored island and its hidden treasure. Stay tuned to Devdiscourse to get the latest updates on the reality series.
Aldo Oak Island mystery
  • Dane Since 1954, the Treasure Trove Act served as the standard for regulating treasure-hunting activities. A truck-load of large metal pipes were also driven in, and a huge mobile drill set up at the Money Pit.
  • Rosario So far six men lured in by the treasure hunt have died.
Art Brothers Discover Ancient 220
  • Jack Pleased as they were to find everything as they'd left it.
Wyatt 'The Curse of Oak Island': Who Owns the Money Pit on Oak Island?
  • Kevin With so little earth between them and the promise of treasure, the Oak Island Association utilized a pumping gin to clear their watery path.
  • Armando The fact is, regardless of difficulty, someone did dig down that deep, and it seems like a lot of work, even without the water, to do as a prank or diversion.
Roosevelt Why the Curse of Oak Island Will Live to See a Season 8
  • Rodger Feverishly, they scooped away the cloudy water without success.
  • Vernon The Truro Company then ran out of funds and was dissolved sometime in 1851.
Pamela Why the Curse of Oak Island Will Live to See a Season 8
  • Stephanie Harris provides no source for the claim that the stone was removed in 1865 or 1866. If this folklore holds any truth, the Restall expedition of the 1960s did the most to fulfill the tragic prophecy.
Randall Brothers Discover Ancient 220
  • Rosendo Through his work, Fell determined that seemingly disparate cultures, previously thought to have no contact with one another, actually shared a number of similarities between their languages and symbols. With his friends Anthony Vaughn and John Smith, McGinnis dug a reported thirty feet into the ground.
  • Sylvester The lost treasure of the Knights Templar: solving the Oak Island mystery. The team focussed on locating Shaft 6.
Tom The Curse of Oak Island treasure found? Huge dig under way at Money Pit
  • Earle That year, in a test pit 180 feet northeast of the main tunnel, the Triton crew noted finding a small amount of metal at a depth of 160 feet. The earth was noticeably loose, not as hard-packed as the surrounding soil.
  • Terry But, the brothers knew that they needed an expert on the show to give it credibility. This stone had strange engravings on it to entice any unworthy treasure seekers to pause and take the bait stone away for deciphering, thus allowing time for the tunnels and main shaft to fill with water and be destroyed forever.
Vern Breaking News: The COOI is cancelled. The King of Oak Island has ordered an end to digging in the Money Pit
  • Linda Two men - a father and son - died during their search.
Mauro Oak Island money pit
  • Josue When his son, Bobbie, witnessed this episode, he dashed in after his father only to be claimed by the toxic fumes as well. His curiosity of the hole led him to believe that the rumors about the Golden Age of Piracy and rumors of buried treasure Strochic, 2014.