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Carlos Middle Ages
  • Dwayne In Anglo-Saxon society, noblewomen enjoyed considerable rights and status, although the society was still firmly patriarchal. Hus gained a great following in , and in 1414, he was requested to appear at the Council of Constance to defend his cause.
Rupert England in the Middle Ages
  • Clyde In the and , the reached the peak of their power in the 14th century, but started going into decline in the fifteenth.
Danial High Middle Ages
  • Santos In agriculture, the increased usage of sheep with long-fibred wool allowed a stronger thread to be spun. Simultaneous with the development in church architecture, the distinctive European form of the castle was developed and became crucial to politics and warfare.
Allan Timeline of the Middle Ages
  • Van In addition, the Croatian nobles retained their lands and titles. It is the oldest university in the.
  • Dominique Another outgrowth of the crusades was the foundation of a new type of monastic order, the of the and , which fused monastic life with military service. New orders began to be introduced into England.
Russel Middle age
  • Cesar Other improvements to ships included the use of sails and the , both of which increased the speed at which ships could be sailed. Surviving religious works from the Early Middle Ages are mostly and carved , originally made for metalwork that has since been melted down.
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  • Keith Missionary efforts by both Eastern and Western clergy resulted in the conversion of the , , , , Magyars, and Slavic inhabitants of the. Attached to the rider's heel by straps, spurs could be used both to encourage horses to quickly move forward or to direct lateral movement.
Mitch Middle Ages
  • Bryon The medieval mystery plays continue to be enacted in key English towns and cities. Certain technological inventions of the period — whether of or origin, or unique European innovations — were to have great influence on political and social developments, in particular , the and the.
  • Rex The military was reorganised, which allowed the emperors r.
Abel Middle Ages (TV series)
  • Randy Legal studies advanced during the 12th century. The absorption of Latin texts had started before the through contact with Arabs during the , but the availability of important Greek texts accelerated with the by the , when many scholars had to seek refuge in the West, particularly Italy.
  • Burton This is the defining event that prevents the Hungarians from entering Central Europe.
Lyman Horses in the Middle Ages
  • Millard Five horses was perhaps the standard. In his introduction to the text, Bowring discusses its dating which, in any case, is generally accepted by most authorities.
  • Omar Besides mysticism, belief in witches and witchcraft became widespread, and by the late 15th century the Church had begun to lend credence to populist fears of witchcraft with its condemnation of witches in 1484 and the publication in 1486 of the , the most popular handbook for witch-hunters. At the same time, he forged new agreements with the major nations that would set up a long period of prosperity for the Republic of Venice.
Eric Early Middle Ages
  • Terrence The Great Famine: Northern Europe in the Early Fourteenth Century.
  • Morris The Jews of Medieval Western Christendom: 1000—1500.
Betty Late Middle Ages
  • Fabian Anglo-Saxon , with English-carved and German gold and cross, c.