Live App Challenge

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Embarking on a project in new and unknown territory can be pretty daunting, and one thing that helps that is knowing that someone has been through it before! The live app challenge is a really simple idea – make an app and create a diary of each and every step.

Whats covered?

If I’m totally honest this blog is targeted at people like myself – technical people looking to make web and mobile apps for fun and profit. To that end I will be covering subjects that I think would be useful to people embarking on similar projects. So things you can expect to see are:

  • Working out the business model and minimum viable product(s).
  • General tips and discussions about development, design and implementation.
  • Coverage of helpful tools and utilities.
  • Marketing techniques, tools and tips to make your app successful.

Whilst I’ll do my best to produce clean, concise, well-written articles they may be a little rough and ready (bare in mind that I have to do all the work too).

Whats not covered?

I am a technical guy, I love programming and developing things, but I’m not going to be documenting every line of code I write and why I wrote it! I will cover some design concepts, I may provide some tutorials if it adds value, but I think talking too much about actual code is going to get boring fast!

What next?

This page will act as the hub for all articles, resources and links relating to the Live App Challenge, below you’ll find links to all the articles.

If you’d like to get involved, have any feedback or even better are making an app of your own then let me know or add a comment, it’d be great hearing from other people in the same boat!

Xamarin Infinite ListView LAC09 – A Xamarin.Forms Infinite Scrolling ListView - The last few months have been crazy busy working on ItsMonkie Solutions, whether it be website rework, defining the value proposition or outreach emails, I’ve had very little time and as such and the Live App Challenge has suffered. I don’t want to bore you by writing about my work schedule here, but I […]
Digital Check LAC08 – Xamarin.Forms Pre-Requirements - Just a quick update today as I only just thought to check out the Xamarin.Forms pre-requirements. Generally speaking its important to check what operating system versions a tool is going to support before diving too deep into it! Xamarin.Forms OS Support Clearly Xamarin.Forms is not going to support all versions of all operating systems on […]
Xamarin and Genymotion LAC07: Xamarin for Android with Genymotion - One of the key parts of productive development is having the right development environment, and using Genymotion with Xamarin for Android is a fantastic. Having done a fair bit of Android work beforehand I know only too well how painful it is working with the Android emulator provided with the Android SDK. Its really slow […]
xamarin plus visual studio LAC06: Getting Started with Xamarin & Visual Studio for Android - Getting up and running, developing inside Visual Studio with Xamarin is really where I want to be, so I thought I’d write a brief post about getting started with xamarin and visual studio. I know I could have used Xamarin Studio at a vastly lower licence cost, but I really wanted to be using Visual […]
Minimum Viable Telephone LAC05: Defining Whats in the First Minimum Viable Product - Defining the first minimum viable product for an app is a significant milestone as it really sets out what you’re going to be doing for the next few weeks or months. I’m at the point now, where I have a selection of rough wireframes and user stories, and its time to choose what is going […]
Stencils LAC04: Wireframing an App for MVP01 - Having ascertained that I cannot use an app template for a Xamarin project, I decided to wireframe my app to get an idea of flow and rough look & feel. I generally find that wireframing apps (or any project) before starting to develop helps focus me on developing the right things first, and stops me […]
smartphone blueprint LAC03: Using an App Template for MVP01 - Using an app template can really streamline app development and in particular stage one MVPs. In this article I look into the possibilities of using and app template with Xamarin. The first big task in my mind, before I starting to code is creating a basic app design. Having a design in terms of screens, […]
man drawing plan strategy success LAC02: The Lean Canvas for Apps - I dont like to create a large over-engineered business plan for any kind of project, so here I’ll be using the lean canvas for apps. For this first xamarin app challenge I didn’t want to get too caught up in researching the viability of the idea as that wouldn’t really align itself with my goals, […]
LiveAppChallengeLogo LAC01: What is the Live App Challenge - For a while I’ve wanted to build an app and document the whole process as I go, here on Codenutz. This seemed like a great opportunity to do something fun and different so the Live App Challenge was born! A little background My app development team at ItsMonkie Solutions use Xamarin to build apps for […]

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