Live App Challenge

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Embarking on a project in new and unknown territory can be pretty daunting, and one thing that helps that is knowing that someone has been through it before! The live app challenge is a really simple idea – make an app and create a diary of each and every step.

Whats covered?

If I’m totally honest this blog is targeted at people like myself – technical people looking to make web and mobile apps for fun and profit. To that end I will be covering subjects that I think would be useful to people embarking on similar projects. So things you can expect to see are:

  • Working out the business model and minimum viable product(s).
  • General tips and discussions about development, design and implementation.
  • Coverage of helpful tools and utilities.
  • Marketing techniques, tools and tips to make your app successful.

Whilst I’ll do my best to produce clean, concise, well-written articles they may be a little rough and ready (bare in mind that I have to do all the work too).

Whats not covered?

I am a technical guy, I love programming and developing things, but I’m not going to be documenting every line of code I write and why I wrote it! I will cover some design concepts, I may provide some tutorials if it adds value, but I think talking too much about actual code is going to get boring fast!

What next?

This page will act as the hub for all articles, resources and links relating to the Live App Challenge, below you’ll find links to all the articles.

If you’d like to get involved, have any feedback or even better are making an app of your own then let me know or add a comment, it’d be great hearing from other people in the same boat!

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