Leanconf 2014 – Going from Strength to Strength

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I just got back from a great couple days at Leanconf in Manchester, and couldn’t wait to write something about it. It was packed full of great speakers giving valuable insights and its something I would whole heartedly recommend to anyone interested in the lean startup movement.

What’s Leanconf about?

Leanconf is Europe’s first (and only) lean start-up conference, bringing speakers and attendees from across the globe to discuss and share knowledge of lean start-up experiences.

The conference is a great opportunity to speak to experts in the field of innovation and start-ups, in addition to meeting other people trying to make start-ups work for them. It isn’t just about new and small businesses either, there are numerous talks and discussions around the subject of how enterprises can adjust and innovate like start-ups can.

Leanconf 2014

This year was the 2nd Leanconf and I have to say the organisers (Manuel da Costa and Ben Aldred) really upped their game, with what must have been more than double the number of attendees, and talks from the likes of Ash Maurya.

The 2013 conference was a mix of conference and lean camp, and as such had less structured talks, and more workshops. This year the schedule was pretty well set-out and delivered 2 days of quality content.


I enjoyed pretty much all of the talks, whether they were talks about personal experiences, principals & practices or hints & tips. I think all the speakers did a really great job, and really delivered a fantastic event. We all have our favourites though, and I’m no different! So here’s my highlights.

The conference opened with Barry O’Reilly (who also spoke in 2013) talking about lean enterprise and once again delivered an insightful and engaging talk. His talk was definitely one of my favourites and was littered with brilliant examples, memorable moments and a bit of comedy too.

Any of you that read my blog will know that I’m a huge fan of Ash Maurya, and for me he really delivered in his talk about the customer factory. I can’t wait until this book comes out, and his talk has only fuelled that fire! The talk has really given me something to think about with regard to metrics and what they really mean.

Mattan Griffel was new to me this time and delivered a really useful talk on growth hacking quick wins. Mattel runs One Month, a training resource for people needing to learn things quickly. His talk was literally packed full of incredibly useful hints and tips to help grow your online business.

My final highlight has to be Dharmesh Raithatha’s talk about lean market places. Dharmesh covered some great examples of his own experience in building lean marketplaces, which are notoriously difficult due to the chicken and egg situation. His talk was truly insightful and made me want to get on and build one myself!

Wrapping up

The truth is I could go on and on about other speaks, and I feel a bit bad for not mentioning more – Rossa Shanks, Ton Wesseling, Grace Ng, Laurence McCahill.

I really have learned so much from these last couple of days and only wish I was better at making conversation, because there was plenty of opportunity to speak to these people on a more personal level!

I have to stop writing now though, you’re the first to hear but I have just published my first e-book The Essential App Marketing Kit. The publish date kind of crept up on me and I need to get the press release and marketing material published!

I can’t recommend Leanconf enough, and I honestly think its the best event I’ve been to in recent years.

Did you attend or thinking of attending? What were your highlights?

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