Launching ItsMonkie Solutions: Cross Platform App Development Service

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I’ve been working at putting together an app development company over the last few months, and today we finally announced the official launch of ItsMonkie Solutions.

ItsMonkie Solutions

ItsMonkie Solutions was put together as a joint venture between myself and my friend and colleague Tomas Vojtek. We both feel that there is a real need for an application development company focused on cross platform development, with the right software development process baked in. We’re both really excited to announce this today, and are really looking forward to what comes next.

What does ItsMonkie Solutions do

We formed ItsMonkie Solutions to develop quality software across multiple platforms, delivered using a transparent and collaborative process, to ensure the right solution, with the right technologies used for the right reasons.

To break this down we’re going to be delivering an end-to-end software development service that includes open and honest advice, project management, a collaborative software development process and of course the software development itself.

In addition to this we’ve launched a blog about software development practices which we’ll be updating regularly with articles about topics such as making the right decisions, planning software projects and working with outsourcing partners. There’ll be much more happening in this space over the coming months and we hope to turn the ItsMonkie Solutions blog into a really useful free resource.

Finding our more

If you’d like to make an enquiry or just ask a question about our service then get in touch. You can either contact me directly or head over to and use the methods described there.

ItsMonkie Solutions is also on twitter, facebook and linkedin so any support you could give us would be really appreciated.


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