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  • Ernest You can use the pictures for fan art or fan videos and share them here.
Lucas Kristina Pimenova Photos: Too Cute or Too Young?
  • Freddie Kristina's mother Glikeriya says: 'I understand that many people are simply envious when somebody is beautiful and successful. Ojeda's The Russian Bride, co-starring with and.
  • Ira She has acted in a movie titled The Russian Bride.
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  • Damon Some years ago I posted a picture of little Kristina on the beach in the Maldives hugging her three soft toys and laughing.
Damion Kristina Pimenova: Most beautiful pictures of the Russian teenage model
  • Desmond Kristina Pimenova is a Russian model who started modelling before her fourth birthday.
Stan Kristina Pimenova: Most beautiful pictures of the Russian teenage model
  • Fernando Through social media, glikeriya Shirokova mother celebrates the daughter, but her recent post provoked a storm of criticism.
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  • Landon To be honest, I do not like the idea of beauty contests for adults either.
  • Chris.
Robbie World's most beautiful girl Kristina Pimenova's mother defends pictures
  • Stephan With the infection of that terminal viral pandemic plague known as islam into Europe and that includes those former Soviet provinces they will not ask they will just force themselves on females of any age and the sad part is the judges will most likely drop all charges. She is just a little girl who is attracting a lot of attention and unfortunately some of this attention is coming from strange people with huge personal problems, keen to throw dirt at anyone.
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  • Trenton However, the mother denies the erotic subtext of these images. Tune in today to stay updated with all the latest news and headlines from the world of entertainment.
  • Carol Any video or pictures posted here that is not appropiat e for Kristina's age will be deleted and whoever posted it will be blocked. Glikeriya Pimenova Her 'career' exploded as Kristina's image was demanded both in Russia and worldwide.
Cody Kristina Pimenova Photos: Too Cute or Too Young?
  • Angel She communicates with them well, and is a very sociable and open-hearted child. Some things written about her are untrue, for example that she herself was a model, she said.