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Milton 'The Thundermans'' Cast: See What the Stars Are Doing Now
  • Elmo Phoebe didn't give up on getting the superhero cape. Her younger siblings are Billy, Nora and Chloe Thunderman.
  • Tyler These sexy Kira Kosarin bikini photos will make you wonder how someone so beautiful could exist. Its also revealed to also work on ghosts.
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  • Vince Since Hiddenville doesn't have a lot of criminals, she made a deal with Max so that Max will keep committing crimes while Phoebe practices to stop him.
  • Abdul Wong Tanner Stine : Oyster Kenny Ridwan : Gideon Daniele Gaither : Super President Kickbutt Jeff Meacham : Principal Bradford Jake Borelli : Wolfgang Ryan Newman : Allison Music: Thanks for watching.
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  • Sheldon She also has a YouTube channel, and this is where she posts a lot of songs and music covers.
  • Hung Her hand had been caught and replaced with an iron fist.
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  • Mario The actor has also got involved in photography recently — wow, talk about a man with many talents! She learned ballet at Boca Ballet Theatre and at a middle school at Pine Crest School.
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  • Barbara When they first arrived, Phoebe had a crush on Cole Campbell but Cole moved away. The Spirit of Christmas Future This was the final version of Christmas Spirit Phoebe to appear to Max in Winter Thunderland.
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  • Jerome She later dated Link Evilman for a while before he left for a Hero League mission. The next step of Superhero training, the Hero League asked Phoebe to choose a superhero mentor in No Country for Old Mentors.
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  • Deon They caught her in attempt to catapult her out of the kingdom. Straight Does she have any children? The sister is a super student with a super sunny disposition who super looks forward to being a superhero someday, and her twin brother is a super villain.
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  • Grant Scroll through our gallery to see everything the cast of The Thundermans have done since the show ended. Kira Kosarin Facts What is Kira Kosarin marital status? At the end, both she and Max are nominated for the potential spot on the Z-Force.
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  • Millard She still works to accomplish everything she can.
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  • Blaine Clone Phoebe This was a clone of Phoebe created by her brother Max in the episode Phoebe's a Clone Now.
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  • Stacy She has co-starred with Jack Griffo in the television series The Thundermans.