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  • Percy In fact, Wolverine and Sara got married in one issue! Is it your 1 favorite costume? Jacqueline: She is, in fact I did her hair and makeup! Me: So, will you come back again? Me: Isn't actress Sean Young in it? I debuted her at Silicon Valley Comic Con and wore her again at WonderCon.
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  • Frederick I generally go by city rules, which is as long as all private areas are covered, you're ok. Okay, when I saw that picture of The Dress I was thinking, where did I see that Dress before.
  • Doug Me: Okay, so, on the Phile I ask random questions thanks to Tabletopics.
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  • Lyle Me: If they made a Witchblade movie, you better be in it.
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  • MoisesBut it's been years since I've entered myself in any cosplay contests. Me: I live in Central Florida and the big convention here is MegaCon.
  • Elton He was weak and could barely walk, let alone fly.
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  • Alan It says you are a film director. The pasties were the last pieces I made, largely due to the mantle piece and shoes taking forever to make and I didn't even wear the damn shoes! So if you choose to donate, you have my eternal love and thanks! I've won Best in Show a couple times I remember! I'm talking about Leonard Nimoy.
  • Lee I myself loved some aspects of it, especially the green men and Woola, but I thought Kitsch was all wrong for the role.
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  • Charley He had a headache and now he has a bullet in his head. I studied costume design specifically, but it was all apart of the program I was in.
  • Corey I have to say, I also like your Dejah Thoris costume way more than Lynn Collins'! I plan on doing this for many more years as long as I am able to! But each Tier has tailored content so you can enjoy what works of mine you love the most! I have to say you are gorgeous. Motrin may be little, yellow, and different, but bullet fragments are little, silver, and painful.
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  • Marcelino Me: I mentioned this before on the Phile, when I started to go to comic book conventions in the 80s there were hardly any women there, and those that were there looked like guys. So yes, I think there is some money to made, but I certainly would've ever see this as a life-time career.
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  • Nicole Haha my mom wasn't too keen on me reading about a beautiful naked lady! Jacqueline: Oh my, I know I wouldn't want to wear that costume in the cold! Is she your favorite character? However, online it was mostly well recieved. I am also a great lover of being comfortable in my own skin! For how long have you been cosplaying, and how did you discover it? My goal, to this day, is to inspire other women to be confident with their bodies no matter their size, shape, age, color, or background.
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  • Lance But some of my good friends are cosplayers and I am looking at it in a different light.
  • Marcelo Jacqueline: I have done makeup for mostly internet web series, but I have done makeup for movies, mostly indies.
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  • Leonardo I am a comic book fan but read mostly Marvel so I don't really know who Witchblade is.
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  • Tommy Another goal of mine is to share the knowledge! I did get some haters, but I couldn't care less about how they feel about an amazing character.
  • Irvin I liked Taylor Kitsch, but I felt the movie was so badly marketed! Although this might interest you! I see a lot of similarity to the way she's painted on the covers of the Dynamite comics, particularly by the artist Jay Anacleto. Me: Back in my day it was called dressing up, and now it's called cosplaying.
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  • Hollis Me: Hello, Jacqueline, welcome to the Phile.
  • Jimmy But there's a chance he could also be Latino.