Its 2014 – Relaunching Codenutz

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I’ve been trying to relaunch codenutz for a few months now and have really only just got to the point where I’m ready to do it! I enjoy blogging and helping people online and put my blog on hold last year, so that I could organise what I wanted it to be about. I felt I needed to do this to make it more useful to people visiting, but also give me a little more purpose as I’m writing it.

Making and Marketing Apps

What I really want to focus on is helping people make and market apps, whether they be:

  • Mobile apps (Android, iOS or Windows)
  • Browser apps (Chrome or Firefox)
  • Web Apps (Any internet based apps)

In particular I want to help people like me – software developers, trying to create a startup and make living independently. There’ll definitely be content here that will help people in a variety of situations, such as:

  • Creating apps for a bit of extra income
  • Creating apps for learning or fun
  • Troubleshooting specific technical problems
  • Non-developers looking for help marketing their apps

But primarily I’m a developer and those are the people that I can help the most!


One thing I really appreciate from other bloggers online is transparency, so I’d really like to be as honest and transparent as possible. I’m not going to claim that I’m making millions developing apps right now – I’m really not! I’m also not going to claim that I’m an authority on every subject that I’m going to blog about as I’m not that either.

I am an experienced developer, I have a well rounded knowledge of internet business (and business in general) and I really enjoy taking on challenges. My hope is that I can show you how I’ve tackled certain problems, whats gone well and whats not gone so well.

A final note on transparency – please get involved! If you have any questions, suggestions or just want to call me on something then get to it – I’ll do my very best to respond to everything I can. If that means changing what I’ve written in articles I will definitely do it and credit you. The most important thing is that is a useful resource.


I have so many personal goals for 2014 which I’ll maybe get into another time, but a lot of them start with this blog, and the goals of this blog. As previously mentioned, I’d really like to be as transparent as possible so I thought I’d write down my goals for

  • Provide useful and engaging content: I really want to produce articles that you find useful, and want to engage with.
  • Provide problem – solution articles: I want to continue to provide fairly simple problem solution articles. The kind of articles that solve technical problems as you’re having them.
  • Provide resources: I’d also really like to provide some useful resources to help app developers make and market their apps more easily.
  • Build a community: One of my ultimate goals is to build a community of developers that can help and support each other when creating apps and building startups.
  • Start a podcast: I’d really like to start a Codenutz podcast in the first half of 2014, thanks to my friend Meron Bareket from the Inspiring Innovation Podcast!

What Next

So now I’ve set out my stall and explained what I want to do here, so I guess the next step is to start delivering some content. I have a a series of articles planned charting my approach to app development, from idea generation to development, marketing and delivery.

These will also be supported with content around the app I’m currently developing – how I got and selected the idea, applied lean startup methodologies to help me deliver it and what marketing activities I have undertaken to get my app noticed.

I hope you find what I do here useful, and I’d love to hear from you with thoughts, ideas or whatever you’d like to say!


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