What Was Interesting 4 (WWI-04) – Windows Azure, HTML5 and Awesome Resources

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I decided to do a post each week of things that I have found interesting over the past week, whether they be relevant news items, awesome tools or just general useful articles.

If you feel that I’ve missed something useful, or would like to be featured in a future ‘what was interesting’, then please get in contact and I’ll do my best to take a look.

Windows Azure


HTML5, Javascript & CSS

App Marketing & Business

App Industry News


  • Visual Studio Code Snippets Website – Excellent website for packaging, distributing and installing visual studio code snippets. I personally prefer ReSharper live templates, but this makes the standard visual studio model much more workable.
  • FaviconJs – A javascript library to add badges to favicons.
  • TinyPNG – An amaziing tool for compressing png’s – reducing photshop pngs by huge amounts. This has made it into my ongoing toolkit now!


I’d love some feedback on what you think about codenutz.com – what’s useful, what’s not so useful, what you’d like to see more of etc. So if you don’t mind spending 5 minutes then please drop me an email at matthew.whetton@gmail.com, or leave a comment, or tweet me.

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