What Was Interesting 3 (WWI-03) – More on Web Apps, Windows Azure and app Marketing

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I decided to do a post each week of things that I have found interesting over the past week, whether they be relevant news items, awesome tools or just general useful articles.

If you feel that I’ve missed something useful, or would like to be featured in a future ‘what was interesting’, then please get in contact and I’ll do my best to take a look.

Windows Azure

HTML5, Javascript & CSS

App Marketing & Business

  • Why Android Apps Make Less Money – Excellent article regarding the state of android app sales and profitability, and what can be done to improve it.
  • If you spend it, they will come – Great infographic from research that indicates some interesting findings, including app developers who spend more time and money on marketing have better results.
  • Field of Dreams App Development – I blogged about app development and ignoring marketing.
  • Smoke Test Your Apps – Great guide for non-techies about smoke testing apps

  • Rick Strahl made an excellent observation about the problem with “free” as a business model:

App Industry News


And to finish off my week windows update ruined my pc (again)!!

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