I got cuckolded. With Him Passed Out Beside Us, I Fucked My Husband's Friend

Alan After years, I finally got cuckolded
  • Emile A little while later the neighbor kid came over and said my mom had come over to his house and his dad had told him to play outside for a while. Hearing my husband snore, I told James all the feelings I had for him.
  • Hans We both had a few drinks and was my wife ever feeling horny. I would have to wait a month before she would think about sex with me again.
Vince How I finally cuckolded my husband
  • Otis She told me that for the evening he was her husband, he was the man who owned her and I was to do as I was told, like a 'good little boy'. My tiny little white dick had never been so hard! His finger and thumb replacing his cock inside of me, and just by thumbing my clit, I reached another orgasm.
Rupert The Night I Became A Forced Cuckold!
  • Carroll Well, James and my husband had been friends for a few years now, living in the same neighborhood. I was told to just come to their house, knock on the door and we'd get after it right away.
Alphonse Is anyone in a cuckold situation gotten pregnant? What happened?
  • Mitchell Shut the door tightly and got into bed.
  • Theron I was surprised she would send something that intimate to a friend of mine.
Gustavo How I Got My Wife to Cuckold Me
  • Fredric There was nothing I could do though until Samantha returned and released me.
Shelby Watched my Dad get cucked
  • Tory Using two fingers, she spread her lips apart and I could see white fluid inside her.
Rich Cuckolded!
  • Jamel She was the one to answer and greeted me with a smile in her tank top and jeans.
Lincoln With Him Passed Out Beside Us, I Fucked My Husband's Friend
  • Gene Apparently he had really enjoyed fucking a slut wife, knowing that she would be going home to her knowing husband, full of his cum. It's slowly morphed into interracial stuff over the years, and I've myself becoming absolutely addicted to this.
Hector The first time I was cuckolded
  • Lenard I've been into the cuckolding fantasy for years now. Phil got up and mounted me doggy style.
Delbert The first time I was cuckolded
  • Grant When Amy finally came down, she looked like a hot mess.
Ty Watched my Dad get cucked
  • Oscar Just inches from my face was my wife's pussy, full of another man's sperm. After talking to him a few times on the phone we set up a get together last Thursday night at a sleazy motel.
Franklin Watched my Dad get cucked
  • Enrique As he agressively fingered me, he lifted my top and started to suck on my nipples, taking little bites. I felt I needed to tell her how I felt to see if she was into it, so one night I drunkingly told her everything.
  • Wm Her fingers worked the button and zipper at his waist free and she dragged down his jeans.