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Merlin I Love Having My Husband In Chastity
  • Francis Once the timer is set, you have to really get into gear.
Lonnie Fiction
  • Bob There's no doubt some devices are more secure than others, and it's likely many could only be removed or escaped from with the help of tools. Placing teenagers in chastity devices would prevent them from having their normal adolescent developmental experiences.
Sam I Love Having My Husband In Chastity
  • Alec One of the users actually loved the inability to not get off because of the control it gives him over his urges. I've been wearing a chastity device off and on for several years.
  • Vicente This position caused me to face his feet and it gave me complete control over his body.
Winston My Husband's Male Chastity Device Doesn't Fit My Friend
  • Andres To me worn in this fashion, his gold penis ring looked very sexy. Every marriage has its ups and downs.
  • Abe My wife agreed with you on becoming a better husband that you mentioned.
Jefferson Getting your husband to wear chastity
  • Wilbur The topic is closed, but I can respond to comments. Now I am much more attentive, energetic, I have lost weight, I care about my looks and mainly our sex life has recovered.
Freeman I Love Having My Husband In Chastity
  • Theodore Is it okay for his balls to swell up tight, get cold, and go purple when he's wearing the cock cage and he is aroused? Now I have one-hour cunnilingus, often even longer with multiple orgasms.
  • Olen Let him know that there are consequences for taking it off too soon, but let him know that you will always love and support him, no matter what, and that you will always listen to him and give weight to his needs and concerns. So with much enthusiasm, my naked husband assisted me to get aout all the ropes and other equipment, he then positioned himself on the bed on his back, and then stretched him self into a spread eagle position.
Chuck More Chastity Belt Links and Stories
  • Grady She still says it is the best thing she has ever done.
Scot My Husband's Male Chastity Device Doesn't Fit My Friend
  • Ryan Forcing your husband to be in chastity just so he will become submissive and obedient for your gain, against his will--can be considered a form torture and physical abuse. Remember, I would take complete control over your sex life.
  • Ian He played it that I was a wealthy aristocratic woman who brings the young stablehand in to the big house. A couple of my partners including my ex-wife questioned me about what goes on in that area with me but I avo.
Tommy I Love Having My Husband In Chastity
  • Ellis You would be making him wear a chastity cage for all the wrong reasons. He told me that he had come to realize that his obsession with pornography had allowed him to focus too heavily on fantasy images of younger women and was decreasing his ability to focus his sexual attraction on me.