Final fantasy x rikku nackt. Final Fantasy X

Devon Walkthrough
  • Harris If the player chooses, that is. She blushes and has a moment where it looks like she want' s to admit the same thing.
  • Fernando However, there is that one scene in Guadoselam when Tidus admits per the player's command that he is into Rikku.
  • Arron Travel there and follow the pathway along until you reach the treasure chest.
Hilario Walkthrough
  • Elmo She first appears in as one of its protagonists, where she accompanies her cousin and others along her journey as one of her guardians.
  • Jimmy They were the first figurines Play Arts produced in-house.
Antwan Final Fantasy X Celestial Weapons: Godhand
  • Grant Digitally Downloaded noted that her outfit in Final Fantasy X-2 was fanservice, adding however that it was used to demonstrate that the society in her world had been liberated from conservative values. Strong was offered an audition by Final Fantasy X casting director Jack Fletcher.
  • Johnathan She helps when he first arrives in Spira, but then disappears during an attack from Sin.
Gregg Walkthrough
  • Gilberto She has been identified as one of the most attractive female characters in and outside of the series by , , , and readers. Game Informer identified Rikku as one of Strong's most notable roles.
  • Tyson All human memory is fallible, none of us is immune, and most of the time something will have been forgotten or remembered wrong. Rikku decided to run around Spira in a bikini and that's chill, but as for her swimwear, there is surprisingly more surface area covered than her everyday outfit.
Kareem Walkthrough
  • Julio Tetsu Tsukamoto, designer of Final Fantasy X-2 's alternate costumes, explained that her outfit was the product of a cultural change in Spira, the world Rikku inhabits.
  • Clifton Or, perhaps this means she is constantly leaving in fear, like when a spider goes missing in an arachnophobic's room. Think there are 99 potions somewhere in there? She can be the light-hearted, comic relief of the party then go to having a serious political stance regarding Spira and the summoners.
  • Marcos She is afraid of lightning because when she was attacked by a fiend at the beach when she was young, her brother tried to destroy it with a Thunder spell, but missed and electrocuted her instead. The of Final Fantasy X-2 featured occasional Japanese lines portrayed by Strong due to Square wanting the voice actresses to record Japanese lines during battle.
  • Rosendo They enjoyed her character, noting she was their ideal rogue character and praised her for her uplifting attitude. She is voiced by in Japanese and by in English, while she had motion capture performed by Miyuki Shimizu for Final Fantasy X and by Natsuho Matsuda for Final Fantasy X-2.
Roger 5x Rikku
  • Alphonse Perhaps if she had baggy pants or just more clothes in general, but look at those shorts.