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I’ve been working on a project recently that had a requirement to do a tiff to pdf conversion on the fly, and serve these pdf’s over the web. The added wrinkle was that these tiff files were stored in a database – so I wasn’t going to reading or writing from the filesystem. This isn’t a huge problem, but it did throw 90% of the examples out of the window!

I opted to use PdfSharp to do the conversion this – it’s a really great open source library and did exactly what I needed.

So here we go:

snippet 1:

To start with I retrieved my data from the database into a byte array, wrote it into a memory stream object and finally created an Image object from the memory stream. Next onto creating the pdf document:

snippet 2:

As you can see from the code, this is where PdfSharp comes into play (I opted for the GDI+ version) – creating a PdfDocument, XGraphics object, PdfPage and loading the image into page. I guess the real magic here when using the XImage.FromGdiPlusImage method to load the in memory image file into a pdf writeable object.

Finally was writing this back to the response stream (in ASP.NET obviously!):

snippet 3:

I wont go into too much detail about this, its pretty straight forward stuff. For me the 2 things really worth mentioning is the doc.Save() method which saves the pdf to a new memory stream, and the responseStream.CopyTo method which copies one stream to another (new to .net 4 I think!).

This all worked fine but there was one further complication – the TIFFs might be multi-page. In those examples the pdf would only ever contain the first page. To overcome this I had to loop over the page frames and add a new pdf page for each one. This replaces snippet 2 with the following:

snippet 2(v2):

I was pleasantly surprised with how straight forward this was to achieve, and in particular how quickly it all worked.


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