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Pete Female Genital Piercing VERSUS Female Genital Mutilation (circumcision)
  • Marcel Although some tenderness is expected during healing, there are a few that might indicate an infection. As an intermediate version between frenulum and hafada, the low fren um sits at the point where penis and scrotum connect.
  • Mariano Your piercer may have a solution to prevent closure.
Charley Christina Piercings
  • Stuart Abusive or judgmental comments will be removed immediately, and the offending user will be banned. Ask your piercing studio if they carry the reputable brand.
  • Cedric An indent where the pubis meets the labia majora is generally required for this piercing to heal well, allowing the bottom ball to reside inside the outer labia without pressure. This prevents bacteria from getting trapped inside the hole.
Edmund Getting My Christina Piercing
  • Pat Your piercer should wear gloves when touching you. As it is passing through significantly more tissue, pain and healing times increase accordingly.
  • Martin It seems more or less pretty well healed now, though I know it won't be completely healed for some time.
Fritz Christina piercing. I want it sooooooooooo baddddddddd (With images)
  • Owen However, complications may occur depending on jewelry and the pierced person's anatomy.
Dudley Getting My Christina Piercing
  • Byron Rings are often worn in them during the healing most commonly an opened up circular barbell ,and then changed to a closed ring once healed for comfort. Just carefully choose something that will look good on you.
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  • Mitch Is stimulation or aesthetics a primary motivation? The triangle piercing can create a hot button of pleasure with the ring stimulating you from behind your clitoral shaft and even bumping the actual clit with the external parts of the hardware.
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  • Eli The piercing was really uncomfortable, but only hurt for a few seconds. The piercing usually heals in six to nine months.
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  • Yong Rings are generally the most secure and comfortable jewellery to wear, however curved bars can be adorned once healed. The Jacob's Ladder is a ladder from frenum to scrotum.
  • Charlie With the advent of in 1977, information about genital piercings became available to a wider community.
Issac Genital piercing
  • Nicole Genital piercings can be done in men or women, with various forms of piercings available.
  • Marc Healing time for clitoral glans or hood piercings varies, depending on the style and your body. Mine was done with a 14g curved barbell, which I still wear in it.