Charyptoroth. FATAL & Friends — The Dark Eye

Pete Sandy Petersen’s Cthulhu Mythos für Das Schwarze Auge
  • Edwin Giants The most direct descendents of the titans, with around 21 feet in height at least the more current generations.
  • JoshGestern fand ich, kurz bevor ich aufgeben wollte, unter einem Stapel alter Decken einige Seiten eines Tagebuchs.
Emil DSA Durchgeblättert Folge 194
  • Elias Critical Hits and Fumbles Natural 1s are always a lucky success , while natural 20s are always a fumble. Still ziehen die Schänkengäste die Vorhänge vor dem Fenster zu und starren wieder in ihre Krüge.
Louis Charyptoroth
  • Millard They gobble up Sikaryan for nourishment making them some kind of vampire and like to hang out on top of old buildings and near actual gargoyles - which is a bit ironic considering how they age: Each passing year makes their skin harder for better protection - but they also become slower and clumsier, until they finally petrify forever.
Thaddeus The Great RPG Swindle: August 2009
  • Brenda His creator was Tairach, the orcish good of death and blood.
Rodney The Great RPG Swindle: August 2009
  • Trey You could probably hurt them with a certain direct-damage spell that ignores armor, but chances are any Archdemon will kill have you killed around a dozen times over before you can make your second attack.
Willard Belshirash, belshirash
  • Terrence They also have rituals dealing with crystal orbs, because the name gotta come from somewhere. A slow descent into the dark, into madness, futility, and despair.
Truman Sandy Petersen’s Cthulhu Mythos für Das Schwarze Auge
  • Albert They are also so rare that the only officla Golemite-creating spell is for the creation of quicksand golemites, but even that spell is hard to get because it was developed exclusively by and for one Tulamidian sultan.
Diego Sandy Petersen’s Cthulhu Mythos für Das Schwarze Auge
  • Lamar They aren't too different from normal vampires except that they are always cursed by demigoddes Mada, giving them weaknesses to moonlight and silver.
  • Isiah You can't make any skill check with them, though they do all have the same 3 stats noted that you would roll on for a skill check.
Donovan Pirates & Sea Dogs
  • Elton The spellcasters of Myranor who all wear a silly-looking, three-eyed domino mask employ a fourth kind of magic that sorta acts like a more player-friendly version of free magic. .
  • Dean Rondra animal: lioness, month: August, colors: white and red Goddess of War, Honor, Thunder and Lightning. They really, really hate demons.