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Xamarin Forms Labs - Dependency Injection

Using a Dependency Injection Container in Xamarin Forms Labs

Using a dependency injection (DI) container in your Xamarin Forms app can make developing it a lot smoother and your code a lot cleaner. Inversion of control (IOC) is integral (in one form or another) to Xamarin Forms and Xamarin Forms Labs, so implementing it in a standard and recognised ways is a huge benefit. […]

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Xamarin Infinite ListView

LAC09 – A Xamarin.Forms Infinite Scrolling ListView

The last few months have been crazy busy working on ItsMonkie Solutions, whether it be website rework, defining the value proposition or outreach emails, I’ve had very little time and as such and the Live App Challenge has suffered. I don’t want to bore you by writing about my work schedule here, but I […]

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How To…Verify Email Address: Setting Up SendGrid on Windows Azure

In my previous article about how to verify an email address in ASP.NET MVC on Windows Azure, I covered changing your model and database with entity framework code first migrations. This leaves several more steps to complete: 1. Amend the model to allow for storing of emails and verification information. 2. Apply these model changes […]

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