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Making a standard command prompt a visual studio command prompt

Really useful tip I got from a colleague today for adding everything to turn a standard command prompt into a visual studio command prompt. Its really simple – theres a batch file located in your visual studio directory, i.e. ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\11.0\’ (replace the last part with you visual studio version number). The […]

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ReSharper Live Template – Mocking an Interface

A short but sweet ReSharper live template that I hook up to the shortcut ‘mock’:

This template is for creating mocks inline with Moq, something I do a lot of when starting up a unit testing class. The DotSettings export file is provided below for easy importing and use: Mock.DotSettings

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How To…Verify Email Address: Setting Up SendGrid on Windows Azure

In my previous article about how to verify an email address in ASP.NET MVC on Windows Azure, I covered changing your model and database with entity framework code first migrations. This leaves several more steps to complete: 1. Amend the model to allow for storing of emails and verification information. 2. Apply these model changes […]

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