Book Review: NoSQL Distilled

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I recently did my first book review on Amazon of NoSQL Distilled by Pramod J. Sadalage and Martin Fowler. I thought I’d restate it here because its a really good book, and I wouldn’t really want my review to get buried in the forest that is Amazon! I wanted my review to be pretty brief and touch on what I felt were important points:

So here it is:

Before reading this book I hadn’t realised how much I was missing in the nosql space – this book has definitely solved that problem!

The book is well written and fairly concise in explaining the background of databases, the emergence of nosql, the different types of nosql database and how they are used. I do feel that the book could have been a little more ‘distilled’ as some things feel like they’re explained more than once, but in general this is not a problem. It not only gives really practical advice on usage scenarios for each of the options, but also explains why this advice is given.

Another thing that was useful is when the books gets into more detail about specific implementations – there wasn’t a lot of this, but its exactly the right amount you’d want from a ‘distilled’ book. One particular highlight for me was the coverage of graph databases – its something I knew nothing about and wasn’t looking for, but I’ve found it extremely useful.

On completing the book I feel a have a decent coverage of the different technologies in the nosql space, and am ready to take a deeper look at more specific technologies.

Really good book!

Stars: 5 out of 5

Type of Book: Subject Overview

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