Bolts – To The Point Technical Articles, No Fluff

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Bolts is a collection of no fluff technical articles detailing how to solve specific problems, complete specific tasks and just generally get stuff done. Expect the articles to be fairly rough cut with very little hand holding but really useful and straight to-the-point content.

Please feel free to get in touch if there’s something you’d like more detail on, something you’d like to see an article about or if you’d like a particular article expanding into a full post.

ReSharper Live Template - Mocking an Interface

A short but sweet ReSharper live template that I hook up to the shortcut ‘mock’: new Mock< $INTERFACE$>().Object$SELEND$ This template is for creating mocks inline with Moq, something I do a lot of when starting up a unit testing class. The DotSettings export file is provided below for easy importing and use: Mock.DotSettings

Solving "A numeric comparison was attempted on" Issue (ReSharper and NuGet)

This is one that’s tripped me up a couple of times, somewhat randomly. I’ve never really tracked down what causes the issue – perhaps moving development between a Mac and an PC, but either way its something that doesn’t require a lot of solving. The issue The error in question reads… A numeric comparison was […]

Making a standard command prompt a visual studio command prompt

Really useful tip I got from a colleague today for adding everything to turn a standard command prompt into a visual studio command prompt. Its really simple – theres a batch file located in your visual studio directory, i.e. ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\11.0\’ (replace the last part with you visual studio version number). The […]

TSQL to Kill All Connections to a Database

Awesome snippet of code from Nick Xu’s SQL Server Blog to kill all connections to a database. Really useful when you’re getting messages like ‘Exclusive access could not be obtained because the database is in use’. I should mention – DON’T GO USING THIS ON YOUR PRODUCTION DATABASES!!! DECLARE @DatabaseName VARCHAR(50); DECLARE @Spid VARCHAR(20); DECLARE […]

Browser Caching for Wordpress on Microsoft Azure

A common problem I’ve found when hosting WordPress on Microsoft Azure is that you’re quite often missing the browser cache settings. Even if you’re using a plug-in like W3 Total Cache and set the browser caching settings on, you’ll find that it doesn’t work. The reason is that most wordpress plugins pretty much assume you’re […]

Getting Started with Git on a Synology NAS

The Synology NAS is a great and extremely flexible piece of kit, with a great UI (thanks to Sencha), tons of awesome packages and some excellent extensibility points. One of those packages is a git server – this no frills article is about the steps you need to take when getting started with git on […]
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