Babes in stockings. WOW! babes

Milford Suspendered and SPANKED
  • Earl Don't remove them just because you can. Just see how soundly this tanning is administered.
  • Ali I try to give credit to every photographer and model I can find information on so please respect that. So here we have three sensational stocking clad women side by side caned for their misdeeds.
Russel Suspendered and SPANKED
  • Diego But Miss Svenson and Miss Mathews also want to bring them into line, literally, for failing so badly at their work.
Dominic Suspendered and SPANKED
  • Berry The ladies of Bellington appreciate the finer points of elegant sophistication that have emerged as the 1950s progress.
Monte Suspendered and SPANKED
  • Ernest Miss Svenson inspects the results of her work closely, and we get to observe beautifully cuddly Joanna tautly suspendered in traditional black seamed stockings as befits a naughty maid receiving a good spanking in More Problems with Joanna. I am not chasing the number of followers, so I will not post regularly, only when I really like the picture and think it's worth sharing.
Refugio WOW! babes
  • Johnny I for one am so glad that they choose on occasion such fine hosiery.
  • Barton.
Damien Suspendered and SPANKED
  • Sonny And I add tags to make easier for users to search for models or photographers. Cathrine looks so absolutely wonderful in her seamed black stockings that it would be a crime not to include a pic here.
Wilbur WOW! babes
  • Elvis Miss Williams wore an engaging pair of deep-welted stockings for her punishment and received some deeply embarrassing welts on her cheeks in accompaniment.
  • Lamont Every so often the young ladies at the academy must undertake a little work experience. Both ladies are looking rather prim and proper.
Aron Suspendered and SPANKED
  • Jason This is fabulously beautiful Cathrine over the knee of a long time heroine of spanking films, Ms Nicky Montford.
Bobby Suspendered and SPANKED
  • Joesph This time in light shade design top lacy stockings that are gorgeously suspendered. The sight of Miss Mathews in lacy top stockings receiving a vigorous and extended spanking punishment from Miss Sullivan in A Day to Remember is beyond amazing.
  • Genaro For the sheer nerve of wearing purple topped black stockings when she knew she was going to get spanked by Miss Svenson for her failings in the Bellington English department, she deserves an accolade. Fun and Games is perhaps the ultimate film for stocking lovers so far from wellsmackedseat.
Cory Suspendered and SPANKED
  • Coleman This was an early outing for her, simply entitled Charlotte where Miss Sullivan makes sure she learns a very, very strict lesson.
Amado Suspendered and SPANKED
  • Ed Witness here long legged Miss Jones, the school secretary, in super-sexy stockings over the lap of Deputy Headmistress Miss Mathews in Friday Afternoon receiving a painful tanning for her appalling attitude to work. Just look at her cheeky cheeks under the detail of the white straps of her lingerie.