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  • Brenda. This is way better than any porn film! Alice leaps around and opens her mouth, taking my hot load all over her face, spunk dripping down her chin.
  • WardDressed in a casual vest and jeans as previously specified by us, Alice looked every inch the smoking hot girl-next door.
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  • Federico Alice is bent over the bed, ass in the air and waiting for me to fuck her tight little pussy.
  • Doug We approached the aptly numbered room 69 of the swanky London hotel bad knocked on the door loudly.
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  • Bernie Now topless, my wife moans in ecstasy as Alice sucks eagerly on her erect nipples.
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  • Blair Alice leaps up in excitement and orders me to fuck her mouth.
  • Hugo As I watched the girls kissing passionately on the bed I could feel my cock thud, blood coursing through my veins.
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  • Oscar Soon the day was upon us and the nerves were starting to get the better of me, but there was no way I was backing out now. Alice softly asks my wife to strip off and she does so willingly.
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  • Rodney We searched every well-known site you could possibly think of and found a few decent girls but we really hit the jackpot when we stumbled upon Alice Goodwin.
  • Ivan Alice gasps in sheer pleasure. We finish the night off with a glass of red and some naughty recapping.
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  • Joseph Alice is squealing like a banshee. As I watch both girls perform a double blowjob on my rock hard cock, I reach down to play with their big tits.
  • Ed We booked her for the following week and to say we were excited would be an understatement. At that moment Alice leans in for a slow sensual kiss whilst I look on in amazement from across the room.
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  • Emmanuel My wife is panting on the bed after climaxing several times.
  • Edgar My wife then pushes Alice down on the bed, unzips her jeans and slides her hand down the front, rubbing her cunt. The door opens slowly, and standing there looking more stunning than ever, was Alice Goodwin.
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  • Mark My wife and I had been discussing the idea of a threesome for a few years and we finally felt that it was time we put that idea into action.
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