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Codenutz.com is a free resource showing you how to make an app, get it into the market and make money from it! The app business can be complicated and there’s a lot to consider when getting an app from your head to your customers and doing it profitably.

Here are some of the questions this site will answer:

  • how to create an app
  • what platform to target
  • how to get an idea for an app
  • will anybody want your app
  • will your app get noticed
  • how to get your app noticed
  • how to make money from your app
  • how to do this whilst holding down a day job

If you find this site useful, please get in contact – I’m always active on twitter or via the contact page.

A little about me

Matt Whetton

I’m Matt, a software developer from the UK, working on app development and online business. I’m currently working on projects via my app development business majestic robot such as decision buddy and IOU Reminders, and also providing software development consulting through itsmonkie software.

I’ve been developing software for about 10 years – designing, developing and delivering mostly web based solutions for large corporations in sectors from healthcare to telecoms.

Ever since I learned it was possible, I’ve always wanted to work for myself, on my own schedule and on my own projects. For a long time it never really seemed possible – bills need to be paid, and quitting my well paid job wasn’t an option. But slowly I’ve been able to take steps towards making it a reality with hard work and incredible support from Gemma my partner (and Monkie our cat)!

I want to be able to help other people with the same passion for technology and dream of independence to achieve their goals.

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