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How To…Verify Email Address: Setting Up SendGrid on Windows Azure

In my previous article about how to verify an email address in ASP.NET MVC on Windows Azure, I covered changing your model and database with entity framework code first migrations. This leaves several more steps to complete: 1. Amend the model to allow for storing of emails and verification information. 2. Apply these model changes […]

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Idea Definition

App Idea Generation Framework

In my previous 2 posts on Techniques for Generating App Ideas and Rules for Idea Generation I discussed the building blocks of a solid app idea generation framework. In this post I’m going to pull all of those things together in a simple way to give you a structured way to generate ideas for apps. […]

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10 Practical Techniques for Generating App Ideas

In 5 Rules for Generating App Ideas I discussed some important rules to consider when trying to generate ideas. Its really important to acknowledge and integrate these rules, but its also really useful to have some specific idea generation techniques. Combining the previous 5 rules and the following 10 techniques, we will arrive at a […]

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