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Automating SSIS Package Deployment

I seem to end up dealing with automated deployment a lot in my work life – whether its part of a continuous deployment environment, or simply an automated deployment tool. This is probably because I’m very much a proponent of continuous deployment, and always push the issue wherever I’m based – often this means doing […]

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Determining Whether an Entity Framework POCO Property is Part of the EF model

I had a problem recently whereby I had a generic repository base with a function that needed to identify object properties that were actually part of the entity framework model. This was surprisingly straight forward: Given the poco object (pocoObject), property name (propertyName) and DbContext (dbContext):

Hopefully this is pretty straight forward!

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Using RoboGuice 2.0 on Android

About a month ago I decided to get familiar with Android – I’ve been meaning for some time to get my skills up on mobile development and I finally got around to it. My primary skills are really in .net and web based technologies, so the most natural choice would have been windows 8 mobile […]

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Catalogue of Useful Posts

Like most developers I depend on the blog and forum posts of others to work out how to get things – this is a bit of an experiment, but I’d like to keep some form of catalogue of the posts that I’ve found really useful. So, to start: Android Roboguice getting started: ListViews and […]

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