Archive | October, 2012

SQL Source Control

Most developers worth their salt would agree that source control is a good, if not critical thing. One thing I’ve noticed is that oftentimes whilst a developer will absolutely agree that source control is required for the code base, they will ignore it for the sql database schema. I’ve always found that strange given that […]

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Book Review: NoSQL Distilled

I recently did my first book review on Amazon of NoSQL Distilled by Pramod J. Sadalage and Martin Fowler. I thought I’d restate it here because its a really good book, and I wouldn’t really want my review to get buried in the forest that is Amazon! I wanted my review to be pretty brief […]

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Write More JavaScript and Write It Better

I’m going to try to avoid ranting about this, but its something of a bugbear of mine. In terms of JavaScript, I’ve noticed broadly 3 types of web developer (or maybe a combination of them): Ostrich Developers: These are developers who actively avoid writing JavaScript to the extent that you’d think it didn’t exist. Scrappy […]

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