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Venturing Into Self Tracking

The last few weeks I’ve started a program of self tracking – my interest was piqued by the following things: Seeing some new(ish) gadgets like the Nike Fuel Band and Fitbit Stumbling (using stumble upon) across some articles about self-hacking The topic instantly interested me – I guess its because it really fits with my […]

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Book Review: The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

The Lean Startup: How Constant Innovation Creates Radically Successful Businesses I finished reading this book a couple of weeks ago and have to say for the most part I really enjoyed it. This was really my introduction to the whole lean start-up movement, and it has definitely strongly influenced how I’ll look at developing products […]

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Office365 PowerShell Nugget: Setting Password to Never Expire

Another really useful office365 PowerShell nugget for setting password never to expire, from First off start with the normal connection routine: 1. > $LiveCred = Get-Credential 2. Now you need to enter your office365 credentials in the popup 3. > $Session = New-PSSession -ConfigurationName Microsoft.Exchange -ConnectionUri -Credential $LiveCred -Authentication Basic -AllowRedirection 3. > […]

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SQL Source Control

Most developers worth their salt would agree that source control is a good, if not critical thing. One thing I’ve noticed is that oftentimes whilst a developer will absolutely agree that source control is required for the code base, they will ignore it for the sql database schema. I’ve always found that strange given that […]

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