Archive | July, 2011

Looking at Orchard CMS

It’s been a busy week with evaluating content management systems, a whole lot of domain and server switching and the day job! It’s been a while since I delved into the world of content management systems for the web – I have used SharePoint a lot and would generally have looked to Umbraco outside of […]

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How can Office365 help small business?

With the advent of Office365, SharePoint has never been more accessible to small business, but how can this product designed for the enterprise, be useful and cost effective for small business? I’ve just started my evaluation of Office 365 to see what it can really offer to small business, is it good value for money […]

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TFS 2010 Build Activity: Trigger Build

For my first proper post on blogger I thought I’d keep it simple. I’ve recently been working on a dependency replication build in TFS 2010, whereby parts of a much larger build can be moved into their own independent build to save build times (I may well write more about it in another post). In […]

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